Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gone Out of Business

Yes we have basically gone out of business last year. We did not do any shows this year and we have plenty of stock to liquidate. Check the website at if we have it in stock, we will make a really good deal for you. Dealers are welcome. We have fixtures, a cargo trailer and building materials that need to go also. Remember, check the website for 50% off the price.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Price Cut on Nolvalty License Plates

All IN STOCK license plates are now $4.00. We have a wide selection to choose from. If we built a house with a plate, we probably have one for you.

Commemorative Bottles are 50% Off!

All of our in stock Commemorative Coca-Cola Bottles and Dr Pepper Bottles are 50% off the advertised price. Check out for the selection. Mention promotion code "web sale".

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Campguy Racing

We have been busy here at Campguy, not on our products but building the perfect pinewood derby car. James drew up the design and theme, without input. I did the major cutting and he did the sanding. We added hidden weight in the front disguised as headlights and some in the windshield section. James then did all of the painting and graphics.
It was his idea for the "Campguy" theme for the car. I let him do what ever he wanted to it. I figured it is his car and his race. I just talked him into putting the lead in the headlights for weight.
Race day was today and his car did good. The compaction was tough, but fair. Some of the cars were really out there. It is amazing to see the designs and themes of some of the cars. I could tell that so were most likely done by someone else then the kid.
James was happy with the cars performance and Campguy was happy to "sponsor" his car. Now to get back to building more birdhouses.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dancing in the Air

As I was driving by the George Ranch, in Southern Fort Bend County, I saw this. The flock would fly as one, changing shape and directions in an instant. I know the farmers and ranchers don't like them, but the show was a good one to watch.

On the Road? Not This Year

This is the first year that CAMPGUY has not hit the road. The decision was hard to make because going to the local fairs and markets was really enjoyable. We really enjoyed the interaction with our customers and other vendors.

There will be some venues that this year will mark the first time in about 10 that we will not be showing. There is no one reason why this is so. The big reason is economics. The investment in the time and energy is not worth the return in profit. Going to a show is a gamble, between the booth fee, gas, food and misc. expenses it was a roll of the dice if we would break even, let alone make a little profit. This year I have seen an increase in the expenses prior to even pulling on the road.

It was a hard decision to make but we decided to stay at the shop. Everything we make and display on the web site is still available. The web site has been doing good with hits and orders from a cross the country. So for our faithful customers from across TEXAS, we are still here and we hope to come back and visit your town again. In the mean time browse our website at and as always we are TEXAS FRIENDLY, so if you don't see an item. just drop a note and we will see we can do to get it for you.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Campguy and Montana

I have been blessed to make friends with some fine folks in Montana. I recently sent them a care package of a Texas Tech Red Raider Bird House and a Wine Bottle Holder. I decided not to include what the Wine Holder was and make "The Farmer" figure it out. After all, With his wife being a Texas Tech Red Raider, I had to test him to make sure he was not an "undercover" Aggie.
Well, I am still not sure if he is an undercover Aggie, but he came up with some really good uses for the Wine Bottle Holder. I think I could hire him for our product development division. First I will have to make a product development division. I wonder if I could pay him in beer? The farmers in these parts, beer is just like cash if not more so. Stuck in the mud? Wrecker = 125 dollars, Farmer with tractor or truck = 12 pack.
I suppose I can have a Montana satellite office for Campguy, The people are friendly enough and they do have a good sense of Humor, kinda like an Aggie. I just hope "The Farmers Wife" checks for AGGIE stickers on the truck and tractors. Check behind the truck seat for maroon clothing, and checks the barn for the AGGIE gimme caps.
I already have AGGIE consultants for the AGGIE product line and as consultants I tell them they have to pay me for their advice. So far it has worked out pretty good. I got a quarter, two dimes, a nickle and three cents. Got to LUV THEM AGGIES!
So here are the links to "The Farmers" blog
and his Texas Tech Red Raiders "The Farmers Wife" blog

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cub Scout Range Master

Campguy went to the Cub Scout cuboree today. I spent the time there as a "range master" of the bb gun range. The two in the red shirts in the above picture were the other range masters. Most of the cub scouts did good shooting, but there were a couple we spent a lot of time with trying to get them hit the target.

Some of the smaller kids could not even hold the gun. I must admit one or two times I may have sniped a target or two so when they walk up to the target there may be a hole in it. I just made sure it wasn't a bull's eye.

I figured that they were young kids and today they should have fun. We did not have the time to hold class and teach them to shoot when we were running range lines every 15 minutes or so. Towards the end it was getting down right hot out there and I was more then ready to get back to campguy and relax.

James said he had fun going around to all the different activities that there were. I know can say I have been a range master. They don't have to know it was a cub scout bb gun range.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hurricane Ike One Year Anniversary

One year ago Hurricane Ike was knocking on the door. We watched this storm develop and it was predicted to come ashore at Matagorda County. Campguy is located just North of of this area and as the bird fly's maybe 30 miles from the shore.

If it did come ashore where it was first predicted we would of probably been wiped out or close to it. Because it took the hook, we were on the clean side of the storm and the storm lost it's power before it went ashore.

Due to my "real" job I spent the night in Downtown Houston and listened and watch as the eye of the storm passed over me. It was a rough night but I made it through. The rest of my family "hunkered down" at Campguy with the grandparents at their house. It was safer because it is a single story and there is more wind breaks then at our house.

We survived with minimal damage done. This was a close call that could have been a lot worse. We know that the "big" storm can hit at any time but you have to live somewhere and no where is completely safe. So on this one year anniversary of Hurricane Ike, we give thanks that it could have been a lot worse. God bless our neighbors who wasn't as fortunate as us and God Bless TEXAS!