Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cub Scout Range Master

Campguy went to the Cub Scout cuboree today. I spent the time there as a "range master" of the bb gun range. The two in the red shirts in the above picture were the other range masters. Most of the cub scouts did good shooting, but there were a couple we spent a lot of time with trying to get them hit the target.

Some of the smaller kids could not even hold the gun. I must admit one or two times I may have sniped a target or two so when they walk up to the target there may be a hole in it. I just made sure it wasn't a bull's eye.

I figured that they were young kids and today they should have fun. We did not have the time to hold class and teach them to shoot when we were running range lines every 15 minutes or so. Towards the end it was getting down right hot out there and I was more then ready to get back to campguy and relax.

James said he had fun going around to all the different activities that there were. I know can say I have been a range master. They don't have to know it was a cub scout bb gun range.

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