Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny visit's Campguy!

The EASTER BUNNY visit's CAMPGUY today. Coming on the back of a bike with all the fan fare. CAMPGUY also has new ducklings that was a big hit for kids of all ages. The rain moved through fast and there was nothing but joy and sunshine to celebrate this day!
The EASTER egg hunt was huge and all the baskets were over flowing with goodies. The kids had fun in the chicken coop, trying to catch and make friends with their feathery playmates.
Of course, the mid-day meal filled everyone up. The ham and all the sides were excellent. This year the adults were able to act like kids by using confetti eggs on them. It was a free for all with confetti hitting most of the kids. I learned later the EASTER BUNNY was not hit.
Happy a wonderful and safe EASTER!