Sunday, June 21, 2009

Early Fathers Day(s)

I had my fathers day early. I took off several days and we went to a camp ground. I am not going to say "camping" because, this time, We rented a cabin. I was able to spend time with my son and father. This was a family affair with my sisters families, my parents, and mother-in- law. It really was good to get away from the city and work. The area was peaceful and the people nice, except for the invasion of Friday afternoon and evening. There is a "waterpark" in the campground where we spent the afternoons. I spent the mornings sleeping in and then watching all of these movies that I have been buying and not watching. The evening time was a nice dinner and sitting around the table. My son crawled into bed with me and I had some movies for us to watch together. I look over to ask him with one and he was fast a sleep.
I am not one for crowds and the crowd came Friday. The placed was packed Friday night. We left Saturday morning for home. I really enjoyed the Fathers Days. I am planning a "boys trip" with my son later this summer. Just me and him and the truck camper. We do this every summer, just get in and drive somewhere.
This summer it might be two trips, one by truck camper and the other by motorcycle. It is important to get away from work and reset and recharge your batteries and your life. I would love to travel up north but this summer it will be a local Texas trip(s), due to money and time.
To all of the Fathers out there I hope you have a wonderful Fathers Day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Flag Day!

Dog Day Afternoon

The only thing moving in the shop today is the fan. Jill found an excellent place to sit and watch the day go by.