Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Campguy and Montana

I have been blessed to make friends with some fine folks in Montana. I recently sent them a care package of a Texas Tech Red Raider Bird House and a Wine Bottle Holder. I decided not to include what the Wine Holder was and make "The Farmer" figure it out. After all, With his wife being a Texas Tech Red Raider, I had to test him to make sure he was not an "undercover" Aggie.
Well, I am still not sure if he is an undercover Aggie, but he came up with some really good uses for the Wine Bottle Holder. I think I could hire him for our product development division. First I will have to make a product development division. I wonder if I could pay him in beer? The farmers in these parts, beer is just like cash if not more so. Stuck in the mud? Wrecker = 125 dollars, Farmer with tractor or truck = 12 pack.
I suppose I can have a Montana satellite office for Campguy, The people are friendly enough and they do have a good sense of Humor, kinda like an Aggie. I just hope "The Farmers Wife" checks for AGGIE stickers on the truck and tractors. Check behind the truck seat for maroon clothing, and checks the barn for the AGGIE gimme caps.
I already have AGGIE consultants for the AGGIE product line and as consultants I tell them they have to pay me for their advice. So far it has worked out pretty good. I got a quarter, two dimes, a nickle and three cents. Got to LUV THEM AGGIES!
So here are the links to "The Farmers" blog http://pluharsrant.blogspot.com/2009/10/campguy-multi-tool.html
and his Texas Tech Red Raiders "The Farmers Wife" blog

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The Farmer's Wife said...

Wow. That's the record for the most times I've ever seen the word "AGGIES" in one place. And I will be on the lookout for maroon and gold stickers, hats and other graffiti....

We LOVE the lobster, and are searching for the perfect name for him....I'm voting Luckenbach Lobster, and we can call him Luke. He's packable, and quite photogenic, so I think Luke will see a lot of action and country in Montana!