Saturday, January 23, 2010

Campguy Racing

We have been busy here at Campguy, not on our products but building the perfect pinewood derby car. James drew up the design and theme, without input. I did the major cutting and he did the sanding. We added hidden weight in the front disguised as headlights and some in the windshield section. James then did all of the painting and graphics.
It was his idea for the "Campguy" theme for the car. I let him do what ever he wanted to it. I figured it is his car and his race. I just talked him into putting the lead in the headlights for weight.
Race day was today and his car did good. The compaction was tough, but fair. Some of the cars were really out there. It is amazing to see the designs and themes of some of the cars. I could tell that so were most likely done by someone else then the kid.
James was happy with the cars performance and Campguy was happy to "sponsor" his car. Now to get back to building more birdhouses.

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